How to develop your personality? - Personality Development
We can develop our own personality and improve it in a lot of ways. In the following I will show you some that will help you in your self-improvement:

  • Talk to people, integrate shy persons into conversations and start chatting with totally strangers. You can develop a personality that is being considered to be really exciting by developing skills that enable you to get in touch easily with other people, even if they might be strangers and don´t know you, yet. Be an open-minded person that everyone likes to chat with, this will also help you to gain lots of informations that you can use in other conversations. Motivate yourself with the fact that people (if they are normal people) will most likely respond positively if you approach them in a positive way. 
  • You can also grow your identity by widening your horizons. You could start to identify your boarders and obstacles and begin to overcome these. This helps you to develop your character further, since you will gain a lot of really helpful experiences and advance your personality development.
  • Become independent on the opinion of other people. It is a fact that you can´t change the opinions of others towards your person. Therefore you should free yourself of the bahaviour to do things so that others will like you. I personally don´t really care what others are thinking about me, since I can´t influence this. But if a person is approaching me with feedback or helpful critisism I will always have an open ear for this person as it helps me to develop myself further.
  • Mistakes are great! Infact, mistakes are necessary in order to grow in our identities. They might be sometimes really painful, but it is up to us to analyze the errors that have led to this kind of failure so that we can avoid it the next time. Summing up we can say that making mistakes can be helpful to develop our personality.
  • You can also start to grow as a person by expanding your interests and starting to learn more about things that interest you. You will really become a more interesting person to others once you have a lot of interests and topics you are able to discuss.
  • Have an opinion! I often get confronted with people that don´t have a specifc opinion on a lot of things. If you ask them what they are thinking about something specific they often just answer with "I don´t really know...". I really advise you not to be such a person. You should always have a opinion, since it is really tiresome to talk to a person that has absolutely no opinion on any kind of topic.
  • Have a positive attitude. No one wants to be hanging around with pesimistic or negative people that have nothing else to do than complaining about everything in their life. To be honest, I´m trying to stay far away from such a person, since they tend to leave me in a bad mood as well. You can simply comunicate a positive attitude by smiling and laughing warmly and trying to face problems firstly by yourselve.

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