Personality Development - How to become extraordinarily successful

Our personality can be described as the way we react and interact with other people in our environment. It is influenced by our thoughts, behaviour as well as by our own feelings. When refering to someones Identity, it often implies the uniqueness of an specific person, those characteristics that let someone be special.

Summarizing we can say that personality is the total sum of your individual characteristics, habits, attitudes and our own believes. The very positive fact about personality is that we are able to change it as well as we are able to develop our personality. Certainlyl, there are certain things that you have inherited, such as your physical appearance, gender and the color of your hair. But besides these inherited determinatns of your personality you are able to change anything else, just the way you would like to change it.

Personality Development Tips:

  1. Take responsibility: Have a own opinion and don´t mind to share your opinions and thoughts with others. You will see that you will soon develop in your individuality once you start to take responsibility for your own mistakes as well as for your actions. Don´t blame others for your mistakes, but instead be as responsible to identify these mistakes and learn from thes
  2. Think positive: One of the most important things to achieve success is being an optimistic person. It will help you to step up after being defeated and let´s you see failure just as something necessary to get further experience that will let you succeed. Often a smile is the simples way to switch between a bad mood into a positive mindset within seconds.
  3. Enthusiasm: You will be able to achieve the greatest aims and goals, by being enthusiastic what you are doing. So always make sure that you know the purposes of your aims as well as the reasons you want to achieve them. Get enthusiastic by motivating yourself with some exellent rewards that you really aspire to get, once you have reached your aim.
  4. Be honest: Have you ever noticed that people with a great personality don´t need to lie about things, but instead always were honest? Well, this is another characteristic of a person that has a unique character. There is no need to lie at people. Be honest with them, instead. Another important aspect is that you are ALWAYS being honest with yourselve. It won´t bring you no further to flatter and give false appreciation to yourselve.
  5. Mistakes: Committing errors and mistakes is very important to develop further in your character, yet it can be sometimes very painful to commit these. Due to the fact that people are no robots we will always make mistakes, but it is up to you to analyze your errors and learn from them in the future, so that you are able to avoid them.
  6. Gratefulness: Be grateful for the things that you have already achieved as well as for the things that you possess. Be grateful that you are an healthy person. Gratefulness is a very important step to living an happy life.
Theories of personality development:

There are some further techniques that can help you in the development of your character and individuality:

  • Subconscious and Conscious Programming: Unfortunately we programm ourselves often negatively by persuading oneself of not being able to do XYZ and ZYX. This negative effect of subconscious programming can be luckily be turned into positive programming as well, by putting positive believes into our mindsets and attitudes. Instead of telling yourself that you for example are bad at playing football you could start to tell yourself that you start to make some exellent progress to your skills in football. You could do this before you go to sleep as well as in the morning, just when you have woken up. At this time your subconscious mind is very active and opened for your programming.
  • Imaginary Anchoring: Imagine yourself reaching all the goals and aims that you are pursuing. How do you feel when you have reached them. What will you feel and what will you see?
  • Body Language: Your body language can express a lot about your personality to other people. But more important for the development of your personality is that it helps you to become self-confidence.
Photo by: Candida.Performa